Avire Ltd

Lift safety products

Avire - home to E-Motive, TL Jones, Memco and Janus - makes an extensive range of lift safety and communication products.

Products and services

  • LCD and dot matrix LED displays
  • Car touch operating panels and fixtures
  • Light curtains
  • Emergency telephones
  • LED lighting


  • Hotels and high-rise buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Airports
  • Schools and universities
  • Public buildings
  • Rail and underground stations
  • Sports stadiums

Avire has manufacturing facilities in Singapore, China, India and the Czech Republic, and sales offices in 14 locations worldwide.

Avire operates within the Halma Infrastructure Safety Sector.

Accreditation and standards

Avire's manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Shanghai and Czech Republic are ISO9001-2008 accredited and the company's products are certified for leading international conformance standards: CE, FCC and CSA.

Avire offers product warranties on all products for up to 2 years and its team are fully committed to providing the highest quality products in the industry.