Labsphere, Inc

Light measurement

Labsphere specializes in the design, manufacture and service of high-end light measurement products.


  • Integrating spheres and components
  • Light measurement systems
  • Luminance/radiance systems
  • Reflectance standards and targets
  • Instruments
  • Software
  • Diffuse reflectance materials and coatings


  • OEM development
  • Calibration
  • Custom product development


  • Lighting, LED/SSL
  • Consumer camera and display calibration
  • Defence and security
  • Electronic imaging
  • Optics
  • Medical imaging
  • Aerospace
  • Paper and textiles
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical

Labsphere provides systems for LED and light measurement, solutions for remote sensing and camera calibration, diffuse reflectance materials and coatings, instrumentation and reflectance standards for spectroscopy applications.

The headquarters is in North Sutton, NH, USA, with locations in Europe and China and a network of representatives across the world.

Labsphere operates within the Halma Environmental & Analysis Sector.

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Labsphere quality

Labsphere products and services are backed by a sterling commitment to quality.

Labsphere calibrated lamp standards and Spectralon calibrated targets and standards are recognized under NVLAP Lab Code 200951-0, which is earned after the successful completion of rigorous on-site assessments and technical evaluations. Labsphere’s Quality Management System has earned ISO 9001:2008 Certification from National Quality Assurance, which mandates high-calibre product performance.


Head Office location

Labsphere Inc., 231 Shaker St., North Sutton, NH 03260

Tel: +1 603 927 4266

Tel: +49 7721 206 661 -1

Tel: +33-16-9072184

Tel: +86-21-6151-9015