FluxData, Inc

Multispectral Imaging systems

FluxData designs and manufactures advanced multispectral and digital imaging systems across multiple sectors including industrial and medical applications.

FluxData camera

FluxData products

Products and services

  • Multispectral cameras
  • Imaging polarimeters
  • Tactical imaging systems
  • Imaging systems for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles
  • Short wave infrared multispectral cameras
  • Real-time multispectral systems


  • Environmental monitoring
  • Science research
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural yield maximisation
  • Law enforcement
  • Food processing
  • Automated machinery
  • Medical imaging
  • Defence and security

FluxData develops and manufactures complete multispectral and polarization imaging systems, including cameras and data analysis software. Operating between the visible and short-wave infrared spectrum, these systems deliver the ruggedness, size, speed and sensitivity necessary for the challenging imaging requirements of the aerospace, industrial, medical, scientific and defence markets.

FluxData operates within the Halma Environmental & Analysis sector and the head office is located in Rochester, NY.

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World headquarters

176 Anderson Ave, STE F304, Rochester, NY 14607, USA

Tel: (800) 425-0176
International: +1 718 874-0218
Email: info@fluxdata.com

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FluxData headquarters