Fiberguide Industries, Inc

Optical fibre cables and assemblies

Fiberguide Industries supplies fibre optic technology to enable health, safety and technological advancements worldwide.

Products and services

  • High temperature assemblies
  • Optical tapers
  • V-Grooves and arrays
  • Vacuum feedthroughs
  • Collimators and focus guides
  • Medical probes
  • Optical fibres
  • High temperature fibre
  • High power fibre
  • Capillary tubing
  • Bundled assemblies
  • Single fibre assemblies
  • High power assemblies


  • Medical laser
  • High power
  • Oil and gas sensing
  • High temperature
  • Bioanalytical sensing

The company has over 35 years of experience manufacturing specialty optical fibres for reliable performance under the most extreme conditions.

Fiberguide also specializes in packaging its fibres in assemblies and bundles for optical power delivery and sensing applications.

The head office is in Stirling, NJ; applications engineering, component and assembly manufacturing in Caldwell, ID; and a sales and manufacturing facility in China.

Fiberguide operates within the Halma Environmental & Analysis Sector.


Quality manufacturing

Fiberguide Industries is committed to excellence in product performance, reliability and quality. The company’s Quality Management System, certified to ISO9001:2008, has been developed as part of this commitment. It offers a comprehensive overview of Fiberguide’s corporate practices to ensure consistent product delivery that meets customers’ expectations and provides for continuous improvement within all critical business and operational systems.


Head Office location

Fiberguide Industries, 1 Bay Street, Stirling, NJ 07980, USA.

Tel: +1 908 647 6601

Tel: +1 208 454 1988

Tel: +8621 6016 7618