The Group's culture is one of openness, integrity and accountability. Halma requires its employees to act fairly in their dealings with fellow employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Halma has a Code of Conduct which applies to all Group company employees and our external business partners. The Code of Conduct aims to ensure that Halma maintains consistently high ethical standards across the globe, while recognising that our businesses operate in markets and countries with cultural differences and practices. Our Code of Conduct is being updated for 2017 and, once it has been translated into a variety of languages, will be issued to all employees via our businesses and will be published on this website.


We require our employees and business partners to maintain the highest standards of integrity and act in good faith. Halma implemented a group-wide whistleblowing policy (PDF, 101KB), in 2017 which applies to all employees and Halma operations (including newly acquired businesses) and to joint venture partners, suppliers, customers and distributors relating to our businesses. While we encourage an open culture whereby any issues can be raised and handled locally at business level, we recognise that there will be times when it is not appropriate, or a person will not be comfortable, raising a concern through line management. An independent third party provider, Expolink, has been appointed to operate a confidential reporting service which enables employees to raise any concerns they may have in confidence and, if they wish, anonymously via the telephone or by web-reporting. All reports are treated confidentially and are provided to the Group Company Secretary for review and to ensure that they are appropriately investigated and concluded. Halma is committed to ensuring that anyone raising a concern in good faith is not subject to any victimisation or detrimental treatment, although a malicious allegation may result in disciplinary action.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Halma has a zero-tolerance policy on bribery and corruption which extends to all business dealings and transactions in which we are involved. This includes a prohibition on making political donations, offering or receiving inappropriate gifts or making undue payments to influence the outcome of business dealings. Our robust policy and guidance in this area is routinely reviewed and compliance with the policy is checked as part of the half-year and year-end process.

During 2017, we are rolling out anti-bribery and corruption training to senior management across the Group.

Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct summarises our ethical commitment. It offers guidelines and policies that define how we run our business. It will help deliver consistently high standards of conduct throughout the Group, reinforcing our reputation around the world. We expect our business partners, as well as our employees, to act with similarly high ethical standards.

The Code should help our employees and business partners identify and avoid situations that might violate legislation and best practice. Understanding the relevant laws around the world is not always easy but this Code, encompassing Halma’s policies on Bribery and Corruption, Conflicts of Interest, Insider Dealing and Whistleblowing, covers the major areas. It cannot deal with every circumstance so if it does not give you enough guidance about how to deal with a particular situation, consult your manager, MD, Divisional Chief Executive or the Halma Company Secretary.

Compliance with the Code is not only of concern to Halma, the business, but also to each employee. For example, bribery is illegal and will expose the business to prosecution, fines and loss of reputation. However, it could also expose employees personally to penalties including fines and, in extreme cases, even imprisonment.

If you are aware of any employee or operation involved in illegal acts or acting contrary to the Code of Conduct, you must immediately report it to your manager, MD, Divisional Chief Executive or the Halma Company Secretary. If you have any concern over how your complaint might be handled by your line manager, please use the Whistleblowing policy.

Compliance with the Code is mandatory across the Group worldwide. We all share responsibility for ensuring that individually and collectively we are complying with this Code. I know that I can count on your support and will always do what I can to support you in doing the right thing.


Andrew Williams
Chief Executive

Here you can download copies of the Halma Code of Conduct in PDF format.

English language

Halma Code of Conduct - A4

Halma Code of Conduct - US letter

Other languages

Halma Code of Conduct - Arabic

Halma Code of Conduct - Chinese

Halma Code of Conduct - Czech

Halma Code of Conduct - Dutch

Halma Code of Conduct - French

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Halma Code of Conduct - Portuguese

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