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Intelligent water monitoring for Smart Village project in India

02 Mar 2017 By Chuck Dubois

Water analysis equipment from Sensorex is helping a pioneering 'Smart Village' in India maintain its water quality and improve the efficiency, yield and reliability of its shrimp farming industry.

village market in IndiaMori Village is the first prototype in the Smart Village project, which aims to bring the ideas behind connected 'Smart Cities' to rural villages. The Smart Village is a collaboration between the Garwood Centre for Corporate Innovation, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, and the Andhra Pradesh Government of India, with many corporate partners including Google, IBM and NASA.

The aim of the project is to see how the integration of connected, digital technology can help the over 3 billion people who still live in rural communities worldwide.

Although population trends are still moving from rural areas towards cities, we are also seeing the 'urbanisation' of rural areas – bringing modern technology and infrastructure to smaller and more remote locations as the connected world becomes more portable, scalable and accessible. 

For Mori Village, shrimp farming is one of its major industries – but was also identified as a potential 'pain point' as their yields were at risk from diseases affecting the shrimp population. Using Sensorex probes, a cloud based water quality monitoring and control system was set up that neatly and efficiently solves this problem.

The probes can quickly detect if an unhealthy environment is developing in the water, with real-time feedback to an app to let the farmers know.  They can also use the app to start the pond’s aerators if needed, record trends and keep the shrimp farming industry running efficiently.

Although Mori Village is a prototype, the concept could be employed as a model for 650,000 villages in India alone – improving productivity, sustainability and quality of life for millions of people.

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