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Halma is one of Britain's Most Admired Companies

05 Dec 2016 By Andrew Williams

Britain's Most Admired Companies 2016

Halma is in the top ten of Management Today's yearly list of "Britain’s Most Admired Companies." Rated on factors such as financial soundness, innovation, environmental responsibility and inspirational leadership, Halma was placed 7th out of 241 companies.

Halma was number one in the "Value as a long-term investment" criteria and was also in the top ten for "Quality of Management" and "Ability to attract, retain and develop top talent."

Each year Britain's largest public companies in 25 sectors are asked to score their peer companies out of 10 across 12 different criteria. City analysts at some of the leading investment firms are also asked to rate the companies.

Management Today says the list "gives an insight into the corporate reputations of the country's top businesses" and "offers an unparalleled glimpse of how our top companies view their fiercest rivals."

Noting that Halma is in the "dependably non-cyclical business of health and safety", the publication described Halma as "the investor's friend thanks to no fewer than 36 years of steadily rising dividends."

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