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Another amazing year of innovation at Halma

15 May 2017 By Philippe Felten

Halma’s Innovation Awards celebrate the best ideas and brightest minds from across all of our businesses, and this year they took place at the end of April during our biennial HITE event. Once again the awards were split into three categories: Best Process, Best Product and Best Collaboration.

Best collaboration

The Best Collaboration award is for a joint project between two or more of our operating companies, and this year was won by Ocean Optics and Fiberguide from our Environmental & Analysis sector. By combining their knowledge, talent and technology, they developed an online system for detecting counterfeit bank notes in China.

At the end of 2015 China launched new banknotes with anti-counterfeiting materials within the currency - and they needed an ultra-rapid online measuring platform. Ocean Optics and Fiberguide produced a 53-channel colour detection system within 4 months. It has been successfully used by the China Banknote Corporation for quality control since May 2016.

Best product

BEA, in our Infrastructure Safety sector, earned the Best Product award for its LZR-Flatscan. This is a new safety sensor that protects users of automatic swing doors from potential harm.

The product uniquely combines two functions within a single sensor. Not only does it detect and protect people and obstructions in the main door area, but it also has an extra, high-resolution scanner that monitors the hinge side of the door – meaning no more risk of squished or trapped fingers.

Best process

The Best Process category was won by our Process Safety sector company Fortress Interlocks, for its web-based product configurator. Fortress’ products have billions of potential configurations, each offering customers an opportunity to design a safety device that perfectly suits their particular requirements.

Customers can now generate their own product, when, where and how they want. The process is automated, foolproof and has removed the need for sales, distributor, or engineering input.

I would like to congratulate all our winners, finalists and entrants for all their hard work, ingenuity and creativity and look forward to more exciting entries next year.

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