Investment Proposition

Halma delivers sustained shareholder value. We consistently achieve record profits, high returns, and strong cash flows with low levels of balance sheet gearing. We have a 37-year track record of growing dividend payments by 5% or more every year.

Our strategy is to have a diverse group of businesses building strong competitive advantage in specialised safety, health and environmental technology markets with resilient growth drivers. These growth drivers include increasing Health and Safety regulation, demand for healthcare and demand for life-critical resources. They ensure that the need for our products is sustained, in both developed and developing regions, through periods of significant macro-economic change.

Organic growth generates the resources we use to fund acquisitions and keep increasing dividends. We generate organic growth by increasing levels of investment in people development, new product development and in establishing platforms for our businesses to grow in international markets.

Our portfolio consists of small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses operating in more than 20 countries and we have major operations in Europe, the USA and Asia. Our principal customer sectors are commercial and public buildings, utilities, healthcare/medical, science/environment, process industries and energy/resources. This market diversity contributes to our ability to sustain growth through economic cyclicality.

We manage the mix of businesses in our Group to ensure we can sustain strong growth and returns over the long term. We acquire businesses to accelerate penetration of more attractive market niches, we merge businesses when market characteristics change and we exit markets which offer less attractive long-term growth and returns through carefully planned disposals.

Halma's resilient market qualities, sustained investment in organic growth and active portfolio management position us strongly to maintain high levels of performance and create shareholder value in the future.

Total Shareholder Return (three years)

Total shareholder return 2013-2016