Shareholder Relations

This extract from the Halma plc 2016 Annual Report & Accounts has not been updated since publication in June 2016.

The Board recognises the importance of effective communication with our shareholders. In regular meetings with shareholders and analysts the Chief Executive and Finance Director communicate the Group’s strategy and results, disclosing such information as is permitted within the guidelines of the Listing Rules. Such meetings ensure that institutional shareholders representing over 50% of the Company’s issued share capital meet or hold discussions with the Company on a regular basis. Major shareholders are also offered the opportunity to meet the Chairman and/or Senior Independent Director. Notes from all investor meetings are circulated to the Chairman with investor feedback from results roadshows circulated to the whole Board.

The Company consults with its major shareholders on significant matters – for example, the Remuneration Committee consulted the top 10 shareholders last year regarding its proposed remuneration policy and practice. Major shareholders are invited to attend briefings following the half-year and annual results. Once again, the Chief Executive hosted a dinner in London during February 2016 for analysts and institutional investors. No new material financial information or updates on trading is provided at such events. In September 2015, the Company hosted a site visit to Crowcon in Abingdon, UK, for analysts and investors. The event focused on Halma’s Process Safety sector, including Crowcon’s operations. Slides and a summary of the presentation given may be viewed or downloaded from this website.

The content of presentations to shareholders and analysts at results announcements, news releases about the Group and all regulatory announcements are also available on this website. Shareholders are encouraged to access Annual Report and Accounts, Half Year Reports, biographical information on Directors and the Executive Board, share price information and subsidiary company contact details (including links to their own websites). This website features the facility to request e-mail alerts relating to announcements made by the Group and there is a feedback form to invite suggestions for improvements to the website and our investor relations activities.

Shareholders can keep up to date with the latest Halma financial news, on the move, with our Investor Relations iPad app. This is available as a free download from the Apple iTunes store. The app is updated at the same time as our website and delivers news releases, regulatory announcements, presentations, reports, webcasts, videos, financial documents and the share price.

To help investors understand the scope of our business we have produced a series of corporate videos outlining our strategy, our performance, our future and an animated video on the products that we make. These can be viewed from the home page of this website and from our iPad investor app.

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All shareholders are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London where they can gain a better understanding of the Company and meet the Directors. The AGM provides an opportunity for shareholders to ask questions to the Board on the matters put to the meeting, including the Annual Report and Accounts and the management of the Company. The results of the AGM are published on this website once they become available.