Board Activity

This extract from the Halma plc 2016 Annual Report & Accounts has not been updated since publication in June 2016.

Board meetings

The Board has six regular meetings scheduled each year but will meet, as required, to consider urgent matters. During the year an ad hoc meeting was held to consider and approve the US Private Placement.

Directors are issued with an agenda and comprehensive electronic meeting papers in the week preceding each Board meeting. The Board and each Director has access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary, as well as the option of obtaining independent professional advice at the Company’s expense.

April 2015

  • Budget
  • Chairman and NED fees
  • CEO conference objectives
  • Sector review
  • NED search and candidate specification
  • AGM formal business
  • Approval of terms of reference
  • Approval of European cash pooling arrangements

June 2015

  • Preliminary results
  • Dividend planning
  • Evaluation of prior year objectives
  • Annual objectives for the Group
  • Annual assessment of internal control processes
  • AGM Notice of Meeting
  • Review of new share plan rules
  • Cyber security update
  • Sector review

July 2015

  • AGM and trading update
  • PSP awards
  • SIP award review
  • M&A update
  • Sector review
  • Strategy planning review

October 2015

  • Group strategic performance and priorities
  • Talent assessment and development
  • Diversity
  • Sector strategy reviews
  • PSP award vesting
  • M&A update
  • Cyber security update

November 2015

  • Half year results
  • Dividend planning
  • Sector review
  • M&A update

January 2016

  • Budget (draft)
  • Board effectiveness and Committee evaluation
  • Annual review of non-executive Director conflicts, independence and division of responsibilities
  • Trading update
  • Risk management review
  • Sector review
  • M&A update
  • Cyber security update
  • Employee Benefit Trust funding
  • HITE arrangements
Standing Board agenda items

In addition to the above Board matters considered over the past year, at each meeting there are standing items, which include:

  • Review and approval of the previous minutes;
  • Status update on any matters outstanding from previous meetings;
  • Updates from each Board Committee on the activities since the last Board meeting;
  • Report from the Chief Executive;
  • Report from the Finance Director;
  • Investor Relations report;
  • Health & Safety review;
  • Risk review;
  • Corporate governance update;
  • Compliance & integrity report; and
  • Updates from the Company Secretary on administrative matters.