Our values

Our sustained, high level of performance has been achieved through the commitment, innovation and excellence of our people.

We believe that diversity is a significant contributor to our success. We have a culture that welcomes and encourages talented people of all backgrounds, beliefs and any form of personal identity.

We believe in empowerment. Our decentralised management structure allows local managers to be autonomous and be responsible for making timely decisions in the best interests of their business. Halma supports personal and professional development through a range of training programmes. The value of this investment is shown both in our financial performance and succession planning. Almost all the members of our executive board have been promoted from our subsidiary companies.

We are committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. Creating and developing new products and new ways of working gives us a competitive edge while delivering solutions to some of the world's major problems in safety, health and the environment.

We encourage the sharing of knowledge and technology throughout Halma. This ability to transfer state-of-the-art technology from company to company, from one sector to another, is something most of our competitors simply do not have. Through collaboration and sharing best practice we continue to deliver market leading products that create benefits for our customers.

FTSE4GOODOur commitment to corporate responsibility is supported by our membership of the FTSE4Good UK index which measures the performance of companies that meet globally recognised standards of corporate responsibility. For more information please visit www.ftse.com/products/indices/ftse4good