Our People

Philippe Felten, Sector Chief Executive, Process Safety

Philippe joined BEA as Sales Director for Europe in 1998. When BEA became a Halma company in 2002, Philippe was VP Sales & Marketing; he was then promoted to COO in 2009 and CEO in 2010. Philippe became a member of the Halma Executive Board in 2012 and was appointed Sector Chief Executive, Process Safety in 2015. His qualifications include Electro-Mechanical Engineering (ECAM- Brussels), Bachelor in Marketing and Management (ICHEC – Brussels) and in 2009, he completed the Programme for Executive Development at IMD Lausanne.

"BEA was a family business when Halma acquired it. Halma's decentralised management structure helped us maintain our family spirit and grow rapidly into a multicultural group of companies spread across the world, able to understand local markets and operate as independent units. It is my responsibility to streamline communication and consistency throughout and we have the unique opportunity to learn best practice from Halma and our sister companies, and vice versa.

"Halma has been incredibly supportive of my own learning, encouraging and supporting me as I attended business management school for three months to refresh my business knowledge and then return to BEA as COO.

"Halma appreciates diversity and nurtures talent across the group, not just the UK! I have progressed from CEO to a Sector Chief Executive very quickly and still feel I have much to prove but I am excited to be appointed to the Executive Board and have the opportunity to take part in, and influence, the evolution of Halma's multicultural business."

Eva Kosanovic, President, Keeler Inc

Eva Kosanovic is currently President of Keeler Inc. in Philadelphia, USA. Eva joined Halma as Senior Product Manager of Apollo Fire Detectors at its UK headquarters in 2008 and was promoted to Head of Product Management in 2012. After spearheading a major product development success that opened up new company sales channels, Eva was promoted to Head of International Sales at the end of 2012. During her time in this role the company showed substantial growth throughout the EMEA. Eva holds a degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, UK and Apollo sponsored her MBA at the University of Southampton.

Eva Kosanovic

"I feel very proud to be involved in a business whose primary interest is helping people. I see our products being used to help real people in real situations and I feel good about that.

"Halma HQ has a strong set of core values that really holds the group together. It’s entrepreneurial culture means I have the freedom to take responsibility in my company and make an impact, with the security of knowing that I am supported by the larger group of companies. I was able to progress in my career because I was given the opportunity to take on a challenge beyond my usual scope and show what I could do; and my success was recognised.

"I’ve found opportunities such as HITE (Halma Innovation and Technical Exposition) fantastic exposure and a chance for all Halma companies and people to come together and share best practice. At Halma there are opportunities to shine."

Adam Meyers, Sector Chief Executive, Medical

Adam Meyers joined Halma in 1996 as President of Bio-Chem Valve. In 2003 he became a member of the Halma Executive Board. He was promoted to a Director on the Halma plc Board in 2008 and is currently Sector Chief Executive, Medical. Adam is a systems engineering graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and gained his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Adam Meyers

"My primary responsibilities are to achieve organic growth and to find new acquisitions for Halma’s Medical Sector. Over the years I have been able to deliver good growth but not every result was a success and there have been struggles and challenges along the way.

"At Halma you are given considerable autonomy. Such responsibility makes things exciting; there is no place to hide, but no barriers either, and that can bring great, personal satisfaction.

"My objectives are clear and there is no ambiguity or politics to muddy the water; it is simply down to performance. The people I work with are outstanding and I think that is really the secret to our success. There is a great depth of high-calibre, high-integrity, experienced individuals here. My former employee, Chuck Dubois, is now on the Halma Executive Board and it’s a testament to the culture of meritocracy on which Halma is built."

Patricia Seniw, President of Fiberguide Industries, Inc.

Patricia Seniw is currently President of Fiberguide Industries, Inc. Patricia joined Halma in 2003 as Divisional Financial Director for the Elevator Division. She later held the positions of VP Sales for Janus and VP Finance at Perma Pure. Patricia earned her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta in Edmonton and her Masters of Business Administration from McGill University in Montreal.

Patricia Seniw

"Halma offers a great environment for individuals to challenge themselves and take measured risks. I have been, and continue to be, actively encouraged to broaden my horizons. As a result I have challenged myself in different functional roles from finance to sales, to my current advancement as President of Fiberguide Industries.

"These opportunities spanned several industrial sectors across the Halma group - Photonics, Fluid Technology, Elevator and Fire, and Health Optics, all of which carried global responsibility. On-the-job training has been intense but I received support throughout. I've also taken advantage of the training programmes offered; I completed Halma's Executive Development Programme in 2005 and subsequently took part in company initiatives, such as sales training, to help broaden my skills base.

"Most of all I've enjoyed the variety of businesses and responsibilities, the exposure to different cultures and the experience of working with, and learning from, exceptional people across the Group."

Ling Sun, President, Ocean Optics Asia

Ling Sun joined Halma’s photonics business Ocean Optics in 2006, and in 2011 became a member of the company’s executive board as Vice President, Asia Pacific. Since then she has developed the Ocean Optics Asia organisation to the stage where it became ready to act as a standalone business based in China, for the Chinese and Asian markets. In 2014 that business became an independent operating company within Halma, and Ling Sun was appointed President.

Ling is a Chemistry graduate of Sichuan Normal University (China), gained her MS in Polymer Sciences from Saitama University (Japan), and PhD in Polymer Sciences from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Ling Sun

"The advanced technology and vast applications that Ocean Optics is involved with always fit well with my interests as a trained research scientist. With a strong vision for what we wanted to accomplish in our strategy for China and Asia, we have constantly grown, innovated and developed to the stage where we actually launched this new company, based in and aimed at the markets here.

"Halma is a very people-orientated company to work for. Since Ocean Optics established in China, Halma has made a concerted effort to learn Chinese culture and build a bridge between China and the West through its hub in Shanghai. Halma China has been very supportive of our efforts to develop our business in the Asia Pacific region, so much so that we are now a standalone Halma company.

"Halma has also been hugely supportive of my own personal development. As part of my learning, I participated in the Halma Executive Development Programme in 2008."