Our Grads

Fiona Chan

Name: Fiona Chan
Joined: 2013
Education: PhD Chemical Engineering,
Cambridge, UK

Placement 1: Commercial - Avire, Maidenhead, UK
My responsibility is to research and devise an entry strategy into the elevator emergency communications market in China. I am spending two months at Avire's Shanghai office to carry out research.

Placement 2: Product Development - Pixelteq, Colorado, USA
I built a business case for a US$700K p.a. opportunity in the biomedical market, and managed the design of a new product that has lower cost and size than current alternative technologies for that opportunity.

Placement 3: Interim Marketing Manager - Avire, Maidenhead, UK
I took an interim appointment to cover a manager on maternity leave, taking responsibility for all Avire’s international marketing activity including trade shows and advertising.

Permanent roles: Product Manager - Keeler, Windsor, UK
My first permanent role after completing the Graduate programme was with Keeler Ltd, responsible for developing their tonometer business.
I've now been promoted to Head of Marketing at sister company FFE Ltd (www.ffeuk.com), to lead the marketing function and work with the board to develop FFE’s forward strategy.

Linsey Holden-Downes

Name: Linsey Holden-Downes
Joined: 2013
Education: Master of Chemistry, Newcastle
University, UK

Placement 1: Commercial - Palintest, Newcastle, UK
I conducted market research into the industrial water treatment market, looking at market needs in terms of portable water testing equipment.

Placement 2: Production - Apollo, Detroit, USA
I led a cross-functional team in implementing lean manufacturing techniques. We were able to reduce cycle time, downtime, distance travelled and labour.

Placement 3: Product Development  - Texecom, Manchester, UK
I worked with a cross-functional development team to improve the current NPI process by cutting launch delays through improving inter-departmental links and communication. In addition to this, I lead and coordinating the introduction of two new major products.

Permanent roles 3: Product Manager - Diba, Cambridge, UK
After my final placement, I joined Diba leading a production team of ~20 people and increasing factory throughput to meet growing demand. I've recently been promoted to Plant Manager extending my role to cover quality and customer service.

Henry Langston

Name: Henry Langston
Joined: 2012
Education: Aerospace and Art History,
University of Sydney, Australia

Placement 1: Production - Keeler Ltd, Windsor, UK
I completed an engineering project to redesign one of Keeler's headline products.

Placement 2: Product Development - Crowcon, Oxford, UK
I worked with cutting-edge research to develop innovative gas detection technologies for the future.

Placement 3: Commercial - Ocean Optics, Oxford, UK
As part of the sales and marketing department I am analysing the market landscape, developing tools to help sales, and identifying important trends that will help develop the right products for the future.

Placement 4: Strategy Consulting - Fiberguide, New Jersey, USA
A short term project working on strategy for the company’s board of directors.

Permanent Role: Product Manager - Ocean Optics, Oxford, UK
It is now my job and responsibility to look after the company's range of spectrometer and photoanalysis products throughout their lifecycle.

Alex Forward

Name: Alex Forward
Joined: 2013
Education: Electronic Engineering,
University of Southampton, UK

Placement 1: New Product Development - Texecom, Lancashire, USA
I led the design and development of a new security product from concept to production-ready product, subsequently to be released into the market. I also conducted a market study for Texecom, requiring travel to New York to visit trade shows and meet market experts.

Placement 2: Production - Fortress Interlocks, Wolverhampton, UK
I was team leader of a production line cell, bringing in improvements in quality, delivery and productivity to the introduction of a new product.

Placement 3: Commercial - Volk Optical, Ohio, USA
I currently act as product manager for Volk Optical, a role that mixes my engineering background and market knowledge to lead development of new products as well as develop market intelligence to best channel current products.

Permanent role: Product Manager - Volk Optical, Ohio, USA
My permanent role with Volk developed out of my final placement. I am the Global Product Manager for our Diagnostic Imaging products, a multi-million dollar business unit within the company. The role involves being deeply connected to customers within the market as well as aiding development of the next generation of Volk products.