What is the recruitment process?

The steps are:

  • Apply from September 
  • Complete aptitude and psychometric test - when invited
  • Telephone interview - November, December or January
  • Provide references - when requested
  • Attend assessment day - December, January or February
  • Receive offer - by end of December, January or February 
  • Start - April to September
What is the programme?

The programme will include 3 or 4 placements at Halma operating companies, each around 6 months duration. You will be involved in selecting locations for the placements and we are willing to consider placements overseas subject to language considerations.

Each placement will include a challenging assignment to ensure you experience responsibility while advancing your learning and experience. As well as a chance to apply your technical knowledge, you will learn general business skills and how to work with other people in small, entrepreneurial organisations. We are keen that you gain commercial as well as technical experience and you will spend time working with our customers.

In addition to these placements, all graduates will spend a minimum of 2 months working in China or India.

During three residential modules, you will be coached in teamwork and communication skills. This will also enable you get to know the other graduates on the programme.

Throughout the programme you will be in contact with a mentor – someone knowledgeable about Halma and sufficiently senior to provide guidance and support.

Early in the second year of the programme we will review progress and discuss your objectives for your first job, allowing us to plan a relevant final placement.

The programme is designed to last 24 months, but with some flexibility for earlier completion if you have already settled into one of our operating companies and are keen to start your next work stage.

What salary & benefits can I expect through the programme?

We are offering a competitive salary, benefits and sign-up bonus.

What kind of people are you looking for?

We are looking for bright graduates who can work with other people and are motivated to succeed. We need graduates willing to learn how to become managers and ultimately company leaders. We also need technical experts who can drive innovation and develop technology.

Our businesses are small, autonomous units ranging from 50 - 500 staff. Each business designs, makes and sells its own products. All the skills needed to run the business are contained in that organisation – understanding customer applications, developing technology and new products, production engineering, sales and marketing. Each member of staff plays a key part in the business and a well motivated, bright person – like you – can make a very significant impact in a short space of time.

If you are entrepreneurial, keen to make things happen and to be rewarded for achievement, then you are likely to enjoy our culture. If you want bureaucracy, working on big slow projects within large complicated organisations then we are really not for you.

What sort of technical skills are you looking for?

We are interested in a broad range of engineering, technical and scientific subjects. You can see from our website that our products involve technologies involving electronics, photonics, chemistry and mechanics among others. Mechanical and industrial design is important to us and we need production and systems expertise. Many of our products involve software, embedded and non-embedded. We are working on medical, biotech, environmental and many industrial applications. As you can tell from this span of activities, we have need for a wide range of technical skills.

We are looking for people who are practical and who want to see results. If you want to use your technical knowledge to design a real product or improve manufacturing processes, then you are going to fit in well. If you are keen on a career in fundamental scientific research, then we are not the best employer for you.

Do you require work experience?

Work experience is not essential, but let us know what you have gained from any work you have undertaken or other experiences you have had outside of education.

Although I’m graduating from a UK or US university, eventually I want to work in another country. Can I apply?

We are running this programme in parallel in the UK and USA. Although there will be a chance to work in other countries during the programme, you must be employed by us in either the UK or USA during the programme.

If you wish to work for us in the UK or USA indefinitely, then you need the right to work here. That means you must be a UK or US citizen or have a suitable visa or work permit.

We value diversity and we welcome people of any nationality to work for us. We are interested in recruiting graduates who would like to work for us in other countries after completing this training programme, particularly in emerging markets such as China, India and South America. This applies to countries where Halma has operations.

In these cases, you will need to have a suitable visa or work permit giving you the right to work in either the UK or USA for the 24 months of this training programme.

Can we meet at a university open day?

We are interested in meeting applicants and willing to visit universities where there is demand.

Will I gain further qualifications?

We have not found a suitable internationally recognised qualification that fits with our programme, but we are very willing to support you in achieving your personal objectives.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the programme?

We will offer you a job provided you have demonstrated your commitment to us throughout the programme. We will have a range of opportunities within our operating companies and we will do our best to match you in terms of responsibilities and location.

Do you offer a fast track career path after I complete this programme?

We pride ourselves in promoting individuals based on merit. It is possible to progress quickly within our organisation. Training and development opportunities within Halma continue at each career stage up to senior executive levels. We think you have excellent career prospects here.

We will give you a 'career review' around 18-24 months into your first appointment to help you plan your future.

Where will I work after completing the programme?

You can find a map on our website showing the location of all our operations. All our companies are interested in offering jobs to graduates on completion of this programme.

What sort of jobs will you offer on completion of the programme?

First roles could be in design or in manufacturing, but our aim will be to work with you to find the right position, taking into account your particular career aspirations and opportunities available within our group. This could take you into other areas of our business including sales, marketing or finance.