About the Programme

This leadership development programme offers full time, entry-level salaried employment starting with 2 years training, based on rotational work placements in our various operating companies around the world.

Through project work you will quickly assume responsibility and learn in detail how businesses operate. We will support you through residential modules to help you develop your communication and teamwork skills, a mentoring programme for personal development and the full support of our HR team.

Key elements of our programme:

  • International - Our business is global. You will spend time working in one of our operations in China, India or other countries with Halma operations.

  • Flexibility - We are happy to match your personal development plan to your needs, whether that means adding a qualification such as a C.Eng, increasing your experience in a specific area, or helping you move from training into a permanent position after 18 months.

  • Commercial - Understanding customer needs is vital; we will provide commercial training whatever future career you choose with us.

  • Teamwork - while we value you as an individual, that value is limited without people skills and so we emphasise the importance of collaboration.