A learning company

Our success is a result of investment in people. We believe in continuous learning and invest heavily in individual development to help our employees excel.

To raise the quality of leadership throughout Halma we offer personal development programmes designed to engage and challenge. Our individual companies also offer targeted training courses for recognised qualifications and every year we reward the operating company with the best training record. See which company won our People Development Award this year.

Halma Development Programmes

Our development programmes are designed to promote personal growth. These courses are offered in China, USA and the UK.

HEDP The Halma Executive Development Programme is Halma’s flagship training programme designed to develop the key leaders within the group – board members and senior managers of our operating companies.

HEDP+ workshops continue HEDP alumni development, focusing on specific leadership topics and reinforcing the collaborative network among Halma’s leadership team.

HMDP The Halma Management Development Programme is about personal development, helping managers enhance their self-awareness and teamwork skills. It provides an invaluable opportunity for people from different parts of Halma to come together, build relationships and exchange ideas.

HMDP+ This course continues the development of HMDP, with a focus on managing people.

HGDP The Halma Graduate Development Programme seeks to recruit graduates in engineering, science or technical disciplines and train them via a series of placements over 24 months. We are looking to nurture next generation leaders and technical specialists that can drive our business forward in the future. Find out more about the Halma Graduate Development Programme.