Our Strategy

Creating long-term sustainable value

Our strategic model is to double every five years. We aim to achieve this through a mix of acquisitions and organic growth. We ensure that cash generation is strong enough to sustain investment for growth and increase dividends without the need for high levels of external funding.



Our operations are inherently cash generative and the Group has access to competitively priced finance, which provides good liquidity and support for the growth ambitions of Halma.

Product innovation

Investing in new product development and making complementary acquisitions enable Halma to develop the range and quality of its products.

Human capital

Developing talent and diversity across our businesses gives us a competitive advantage and ensures that we have motivated leaders to deliver our goals in an innovative and collaborative way.

Intellectual assets

Empowering our businesses to invest in new products and work collaboratively with each other to share knowledge and experience creates a culture where innovation can flourish.


Interacting with our customers, suppliers and other strategic partners is key to developing market-leading positions in each of our businesses.


Halma is committed to promoting sustainable business practices and works to improve the Group’s environmental performance.

How we increase value

We have a portfolio of market-leading companies within our four sectors: Process Safety, Infrastructure Safety, Medical, and Environmental & Analysis.

We place our operational resources close to our customers through autonomous locally managed businesses. We have central resources to increase innovation, international expansion and leadership talent. Each business builds strong application knowledge and technology by focusing on its specific market niche where there are often barriers to entry. We re-invest cash into acquiring high performance businesses in, or close to, our existing markets.

Competitive strengths

Competitive strengths diagram

The value created



Return on Sales


Return on Total Invested Capital


Global direct employment


Adjusted Operating Cash Flow


The value shared

We manage our resources to deliver a profitable, sustainable and responsible business. We create value which is retained in our business, making it stronger, and shared with our stakeholders.


Our products protect life and improve quality of life for people worldwide. We manage our business activities in a sustainable way, minimising the environmental impact of our operations.


Our businesses focus on market segments where our technical know-how and inter-company collaboration can deliver innovative solutions for our customers.


By effectively leveraging the inputs to our business, we create profits that benefit shareholders through increasing dividend returns and capital appreciation.


We develop and reward our people both financially and through personal and professional development.


As we grow our revenue and develop new products, we support other businesses and their stakeholders.


Through payment of taxes worldwide, we share our value creation with the countries in which our businesses operate.

How we maximise value through our strategy

Strategy diagramOur strategy To acquire and grow businesses in relatively non-cyclical, specialised global niche markets. The technology and application know-how in each company delivers strong competitive advantage to sustain growth and high returns.

Our values

  • Achievement
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment
  • Customer satisfaction

Our investment priorities

  • Innovation
  • International expansion
  • Talent development
  • Acquisitions