Organisational Structure

Halma has a highly decentralised structure which delivers real competitive advantage. We place our operational resources close to our customers through locally-managed, autonomous businesses.

Operating companies

Operating companies have their own board of directors and are given considerable freedom for entrepreneurial action. Research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and human resources are all managed at operating company level.

Our subsidiary boards are empowered to make timely decisions in the best interests of their business. With an intimate knowledge of their market dynamics and customer needs they are best placed to make local resource allocation decisions swiftly in response to market changes.


Halma's subsidiary companies are grouped into four operating Sectors: Process Safety, Infrastructure Safety, Medical and Environmental & Analysis. Each sector is an autonomous business unit responsible for its own growth organically and by acquisition.

Sectors are managed by Sector Chief Executives and Sector Vice Presidents who are Chairmen of the subsidiaries. Their primary role is to provide insight, inspiration and leadership for the local management boards. Sector Chief Executives understand the market needs of their companies and contribute broadly to their strategies. They set objectives and targets, measure performance and incentivise their managements.

Sector Chief Executives are also responsible for acquiring new businesses and the recruitment of high calibre managers to run our companies. Sector Chief Executives are members of the Halma Executive Board and through regular interaction between Executive Board members, common challenges and opportunities are identified.

Head office

A small head office team focuses on corporate strategy and maintains an overall framework of financial planning, reporting and control. Head office also provides a limited range of central financial services, including treasury, pensions, insurances and share plans, and leads Group strategic initiatives such as driving improvements in sales processes, innovation and people development.