We target markets where growth is supported by long-term demographic drivers:

  • Increasing health and safety
  • Increasing demand for healthcare
  • Increasing need for life-critical resources such as energy and water

We choose niches within those markets which offer sustainable growth and high Return on Sales and Return on Capital.

Our markets


We make products which detect hazards to protect assets and people in public and commercial buildings. We make fire and smoke detectors, fire detection and suppression systems, automatic door sensors, elevator safety products and a range of security products. They are primarily used in non-residential buildings such as schools, hospitals, retail stores, offices, airports and hotels.


We make instruments for environmental data recording, water quality testing and water distribution network monitoring. Water treatment companies use our analysis systems to monitor and control water and wastewater treatment plants. Our corrosion monitoring systems reduce waste, extended asset life and prevent leaks. We supply large-scale UV disinfection plants to municipal waterworks.


We make products used to improve personal and public health. We make many types of instruments used by optometrists and eye surgeons to examine eyes, test vision and diagnose eye disease. We also make diagnostic instruments and devices for general medical applications. These are used by general practitioners, in hospitals, clinics and even the home. We make sensor technologies used in hospitals to track assets and support patient and staff safety.


We make market leading opto-electronic technology for scientific, medical and environmental applications. We make critical components such as pumps, probes, valves, connectors and gas conditioning products used by scientific, environmental and medical diagnostic OEMs for demanding applications.

Process Industries

We make safety products including specialised mechanical, electrical and electromechanical locks which ensure that critical processes operate safely. Our bursting discs release excess pressure from process vessels and pipework. Our corrosion monitoring systems reduce waste, extended asset life and prevent leaks and system failure. Our water treatment systems based on ultraviolet light technology disinfect water supplies. Manufacturers worldwide use our water analysis systems to monitor and control water and wastewater. Our mass flow meters monitor gas and fluid flow and our scientific instruments are widely used for research and development and quality control.


Our safety products are also used in the energy and resources sectors. Our portable instruments and fixed systems detect flammable and hazardous gases. Our gas conditioning products are used in energy applications such as coal-fired power and refineries.