At a Glance

Our business is about protecting life and improving the quality of life for people worldwide.

Our companies have a core focus on safety, health and the environment and our products provide innovative solutions for many of the key problems facing the world today.

Our Technology

Our technology is used to save lives, prevent injuries, and protect people and assets. We also develop products that secure and protect the elements critical to healthy lives. We have four sectors:

Process Safety

Products which protect assets and people at work. Specialised interlocks which safely control critical processes. Instruments which detect flammable and hazardous gases. Explosion protection and corrosion monitoring products.

Infrastructure Safety

Products which detect hazards to protect assets and people in public spaces, transportation and commercial buildings. Fire and smoke detectors, fire detection and suppression systems, security sensors and audible/visual warning devices. Sensors used on automatic doors and elevators in buildings and transportation.


Products which enhance the quality of life for patients and improve the quality of care delivered by providers. Devices that assess eye health, assist with eye surgery and primary care applications. Critical fluidic components used by medical diagnostic OEMs and laboratories. Sensor technologies used in hospitals to track assets and support patient and staff safety.

Environmental & Analysis

Products and technologies for analysis in safety, life sciences and environmental markets. Market-leading opto-electronic technology and gas conditioning products. Products to monitor water networks, UV technology for disinfecting water, and water quality testing products.

Our business

Nearly 50 businesses in more than 20 countries

Major operations in Europe, the USA and Asia

Customers in over 160 countries

Listed on the London Stock Exchange

Head office near London, UK

Over 5600 employees worldwide

Our performance

£807.8m revenue in 2015/16

£166.0m pre-tax profit1 in 2015/16

5% dividend growth for 37 years

1. Adjustments as stated in note 1 (PDF 634 KB) to the 2015/16 Annual Report and Accounts.

Our history

Halma was founded in Asia in 1894 as The Nahalma Tea Estate Company Limited.