Ideal Acquisition Profile

Acquired businesses must enhance earnings. Our selection process is rigorous to protect shareholders’ interests.

We buy companies that are successful, growing and profitable in our existing business sectors. We do not buy 'turn-around,' start-up or pre-revenue businesses. We are more interested in intellectual assets - technology, application and market knowledge - than physical assets. We will acquire parts of businesses, products or patented technologies which complement our portfolio and can be merged with another subsidiary. Acquired companies will share the values and many characteristics of our existing businesses:

  • strong positions in non-cyclical niche market segments
  • markets with resilient, long-term growth drivers
  • diverse, global customer base
  • technical or application know-how and intellectual property
  • innovation in products, service, manufacture, marketing and sales
  • essential, non-discretionary products where performance influences price
  • cash generative, low capital intensity, good profit margins and high return on capital employed
  • entrepreneurial managers

If you own or represent a business and you are looking for an acquisition partner: Acquisitions contacts.