Case Studies

Accutome, Inc

"The Halma management structure is so simple and straightforward, without all the multi-layering we have seen at other large companies; it was a real eye opener for us."

Brian Chandler, CEO, Accutome, Inc.

Located in Pennsylvania, USA, Accutome manufactures surgical and diagnostic instruments and distributes a variety of pharmaceuticals for the ophthalmic marketplace. The company was acquired by Halma in April, 2012.

The acquisition of Accutome met Halma's strategic goal to extend its presence in ophthalmic, diagnostic and surgical instrumentation, providing a good commercial fit with sister Medical Sector companies. Accutome benefits from a unique sales and marketing model which adds flexibility to the Halma group of companies.

During negotiations Brian Chandler, Accutome's CEO, found that Halma's strategy was to add value to its acquired businesses through investment and long term development.

"Halma stood out from the other buyers in that it presented itself as being a long-term partner, who would not just come in and 'cut and slash' the company. We have over 70 employees worldwide that we are committed to. Being part of Halma allows us to grow – to invest in Accutome for equipment, people and resources, develop new products and move into new markets."

Accutome B Scan Plus

Many changes have occurred since acquisition. Accutome has increased its staff and Halma has invested resources into new product development. Before acquisition, most of the company's sales were domestic; now its international sales have increased, by working with sister companies and Halma hub offices in China and Brazil.

"We plan to work with our sister companies as much as possible, particularly in the ophthalmology segment. But we also believe that some of the non-ophthalmic companies in Halma may be able to help us develop some products we have on the table. It really opens things up for us and that's exciting."

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Advanced Electronics Ltd.

"We had got to the stage where we needed the backing of a bigger company and we’re in the position now that, with the support of Halma and the rest of the Group, we can really push on."

Ray Hope, Managing Director, Advanced Electronics Ltd.

Advanced designs and manufactures specialist equipment and control systems for fire detection and associated markets. The company was formed in 1999 and acquired by Halma in May 2014.

Joining the smoke, heat and flame detector manufacturers in the Infrastructure Safety Sector, Advanced has expanded Halma’s offering in the fire protection market to now include full systems and control equipment.

The potential to operate with autonomy but within a larger organisation with collaborative opportunities was uniquely attractive as Advanced looked forward to future growth.

Ray Hope, Managing Director, explained: “Advanced, as a small independent manufacturer of control equipment, needed the support and the clout of a bigger company – it also needed to be confident that it could agree a long term supply arrangement with a world-class detector manufacturer.

“Halma stood out because they understood us, they knew about the fire industry and they were easy to do business with.

“We are in a transition period now, going from being a small fire panel manufacturing company, operating predominantly in the UK, to one that will hopefully, within the next 3 – 5 years, become a global supplier of Advanced fire system solutions.”

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Kirk Key Interlock Company, LLC

"Since acquisition it has been refreshing to look at our business in a whole new light and apply the best practices we've seen from our sister companies."

Scott Life, President of Kirk Key Interlock Company, LLC

Halma acquired Kirk Key Interlock Company, LLC in May, 2011. Kirk Key manufactures and sells safety systems to safeguard people and plant equipment in industrial environments. Kirk Key is based in Ohio, USA.

Halma recognised that Kirk Key was a well-managed business with an experienced management team. The company complements companies in Halma's Process Safety sector and gives strategic advances into the US market.

Jim Owens, previous owner and CEO of Kirk Key, was looking to leave the company and its employees in good hands:

"When I first purchased Kirk in 2000, Halma introduced themselves to me and we stayed in contact over the years. When I decided that it was time to retire, I wanted to make sure that whoever we sold to would be a good fit for the employees; my two sons-in-law remained with Halma," Jim said, "Halma was very upfront and fair in all our negotiations. They have since done everything they said they would and added financial strength to Kirk."

Factory worker and machine

Negotiations took place directly between Kirk Key and Halma and the process took 4 months with no turnover of personnel.

Scott Life, President of Kirk Key says: "For me, what really makes the difference is that Halma has an experienced management team who is knowledgeable about our industry and appreciates what we're trying to achieve. Halma has a successful track record of acquisitions and it has perfected the balance between helping out and staying out by trusting local management to drive the growth strategies at the subsidiary level."

Since joining, Kirk Key has taken advantage of the larger group, working collaboratively with other Halma companies to develop new products and geographic alliances. Kirk Key has also benefitted from Halma's training programmes, HEDP and HMDP*, and has accepted a new graduate from the Halma Graduate Development Programme.

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*HEDP: Halma Executive Development Programme
HMDP: Halma Management Development Programme

Medicel AG

"Being part of Halma advances our position in the global market"

Emil Hohl, CEO Medicel AG

Medicel AG joined Halma in March, 2011. The company, based in Wolfhalden, Switzerland, manufactures specialist instruments for cataract surgery. Halma also acquired Medicel's subsidiary company, Robutec GmbH, a specialist medical device assembly and packaging business.

Adam Meyers, Chief Executive of Halma’s Health Optics Division said, "Our strategy is to buy highly successful companies in niche markets that provide long term growth opportunities; Medicel fits this model exactly."

Halma saw an opportunity to extend its presence in the ophthalmic surgical instrument market. Medicel's growth is driven by population aging and increased global access to healthcare. The company has established a strong market position with single-use intraocular lens injectors that allow surgeons to make very small incisions during surgery.

For Medicel, being part of Halma offered significant opportunities for growth. Emil Hohl, founder and CEO of Medicel AG, says he didn't want to sell the business, until he met Halma:

Ophthalmic surgery

"Halma's way of working - to buy companies that are working well, are well-positioned and well-managed, and allow them to continue to be autonomous and successful - is a different concept to what we have previously known. We knew at this point that it was a good idea to be part of the group."

Since acquisition, Medicel has benefitted from significant capital investment in equipment and expansion of the business's operating capacity. Halma is also supporting Medicel's development of current and new technologies.

Emil says, "Halma is a big company with great resources. We benefit from the enormous market and technical knowledge at other Halma businesses around the world. If we require higher investment, we have a strong partner that will back us in our R&D projects and help support us in achieving the goals we have set. Halma's culture of trust has been refreshing- largely leaving us to set our own agenda and deliver it in our own way."

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Sensorex Inc

"Halma's established international hubs provide real benefits to us as we begin to promote our products internationally."

Jed McCarthy, President, Sensorex

Halma acquired Sensorex Inc. in April 2012. Located in Garden Grove, California, Sensorex manufactures electrochemical sensors for water analysis applications.

For Halma, Sensorex was an ideal addition to its Environmental & Analysis Sector. Sensorex products are complementary to its sister companies and extend Halma's global presence by virtue of its location on the US west coast.

Sensorex chose Halma for several reasons. Ted McCarthy, previous Chairman of Sensorex, wanted to retire. His key aim in selling was primarily to find a home for the company that would protect the independence and culture of what had been created, and its staff.

pH Meter

"An important goal in the sale of Sensorex was to ensure that the employees and managers of Sensorex would continue to have the opportunity to develop Sensorex's business, their individual careers and at the same time continue to share in the rewards of their accomplishments," Ted said. "After speaking with several former owners of Halma companies and dealing directly with Halma managers, I was convinced that Halma had the resources to provide Sensorex employees with opportunities for career development and its policies promoted fairness."

Since the acquisition, Sensorex has made extensive use of Halma's financial and commercial resources. Sensorex is utilising Halma's centrally supported Asian business network to increase its profile in Asia Pacific and to grow its international sales. Lean manufacturing expertise has streamlined its manufacturing operations, sales order processing and product development processes. Sensorex employees have taken advantage of Halma's employee development programmes, participating in HEDP* and HMDP**. The company has also benefited from assignments undertaken by two graduates from Halma's Graduate Development Programme. Halma has supported the recruitment of additional R&D, sales and finance staff and invested in the building by refurbishing the offices and shop floor.

Read the Sensorex deal announcement.

*Halma Executive Development Programme
**Halma Management Development Programme

SunTech Medical, Inc

"Halma's decentralised structure allows individual companies to maintain their identities and the nuances that make their company cultures thrive. That has been the case here."

Dayn McBee, CEO, SunTech Medical, Inc.

SunTech Medical is a leading supplier of clinical grade non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products and technologies. SunTech is based in North Carolina, USA and was acquired by Halma in May, 2012.

From Halma's viewpoint, SunTech was complementary to Halma's existing companies in the Medical Sector, in particular to Riester, a manufacturer of manual blood pressure systems and other vital signs measurement devices. Halma's strategy is to buy well-managed businesses and SunTech benefited from having a strong and full management team in place prior to acquisition.

Dayn McBee, SunTech's CEO, found the acquisition team to be honest and open in their discussions about Halma and its subsidiaries and the acquisition process went smoothly.

"The way Halma is structured allowed us to continue business basically as it is, which provided reassurance to our large OEM partners along with stability. We get good management feedback, good advice and good direction, and then Halma lets us get on with it."

Cardiac stress blood pressure monitor

SunTech has integrated itself firmly into the Halma family, benefitting from the unique opportunities that Halma's decentralised management group can offer.

SunTech utilised Halma's lean manufacturing techniques to streamline its processes. SunTech has worked with its sister companies to develop new products and increase its presence in other geographic markets; Halma China has been effective in facilitating the company's growing sales to the Chinese market. To enhance their personal development, several SunTech employees have taken advantage of the Halma executive and management training programmes on offer.

"Being in Halma provides excellent opportunities for the rising stars in our company," said Dayn.

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