Acquisition Resources


Acquisition funding is in place. We are a highly cash-generative business with a strong balance sheet. Our organic growth record supports bank funding and investment in acquisitions. We have considerable financial capacity through net cash and longer-term loan facilities of a £360m 5-year revolving credit facility.


Acquisition Executives in each of our four sectors work full-time seeking potential acquisitions and evaluating proposals. They feed qualified acquisition prospects to our Sector Chief Executives who are ultimately responsible for acquiring companies for their business sectors.

We are experienced acquirers and have completed 15 transactions over the past 5 years. Our small, in-house finance team is practised at fast, thorough and confidential due diligence appraisals. This ensures that vendors and their agents benefit from a straightforward and professional negotiation process. We are experienced at working with buy-side and sell-side company brokers to arrive at a mutually beneficial transfer of ownership. We make fast decisions and pay in cash from reserves or our loan facilities.

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