Why Halma?


10 key benefits of being part of Halma:

  • Invest and develop for the long term
  • International sales channels and development
  • Centrally supported Asian business network
  • R&D, IP protection and capital investment
  • Legal, treasury, finance, pension, insurance, taxation expertise
  • New technology and collaboration
  • Manufacturing efficiency expertise
  • IT, Public Relations and HR assistance
  • Training and staff development, career opportunities
  • Networking with other Halma companies operating in similar markets

Entrepreneurs usually sell to us to release capital. They often want to continue to be involved in the business, safeguard its future and see it grow. They typically also want to preserve the culture of the organisation they created and protect their employees’ future and earned benefits.

Our decentralized structure allows acquired businesses to operate autonomously. Businesses normally retain their name, brands, senior managers, staff and location... supported by Halma's greater resources. Private companies often find development beyond a certain size difficult without the finance and management support of a larger parent group.

Owners frequently stay with their business for several years after acquisition by Halma. Some have even progressed to become Sector Chief Executives and Halma directors. Many find that their working life remains largely unchanged post-acquisition and feel at home within Halma's decentralized and entrepreneurial operating culture.

Earn outs

Fast growing businesses can be difficult to value. Vendors can get a fair price for their business through a combination of initial consideration plus deferred payment plans. The total we pay for the business then partly depends on its financial performance for the two or three years after acquisition. Halma actively supports the attainment of earn-out payments by vendors and we have a good record of helping vendors to achieve maximum earn-outs.

Find out more about the benefits of being acquired by Halma: Acquisitions contacts.